Crowdverb, Direct Impact and No New Wheels

by Todd Herman, Co-Founder & Mobilizer, Crowdverb

A fun fact: Facebook did not invent the act of “friending” someone (though they may lay claim to inventing the verb), and Twitter did not invent micro-blogging: each company improved upon what stood before.


Another fun fact: grassroots mobilization wasn’t invented in 2008. It has been around since before Thomas Paine put quill to paper and wrote Common Sense, a publication that gave a center of focus to the growing idea that maybe—just maybe—people would be better off granting the heads of government temporary power instead of the reverse. He used the best technology of his time—the fast production of pamphlets—to reach the most people, but it was his great intelligence and passion and ability to communicate the importance of a mere idea that was not yet a cause that has entered him into the permanent lexicon of mobilization greats—a small club.


That is the way of technology advancements: they rarely invent a human pursuit or desire—yes, people used coupons before Groupon—technologies make them easier to fulfill.


So it is with grassroots mobilization and technology.


Modernizing mobilization: that is why Crowdverb agreed, at a relatively early stage of our existence, to be acquired by one of the pioneering firms in mobilization. Crowdverb is thrilled to be joining Direct Impact. The team at Direct Impact has performed some truly pioneering work in mobilization. Crowdverb’s great hope in joining Direct Impact is to take the technologies we offer today and combine them with the technologies we are building to help our new parent company do their jobs that much better.


Yes, Crowdverb is aware we are both standing on the shoulders of giants–some of the smartest people we know use technology to mobilize people on the left and right and we are lucky to count many of these pioneers as friends–and that we now share corporate parenthood with one of the best, left-leaning firms in mobilization, Blue State Digital.


Our mission is to modernize mobilization. We are at the very beginning of that work and we look forward to engaging with you as we roll forward.