Why We Acquired Crowdverb, from Direct Impact CEO Nicole Cornish


The grassroots industry is changing. And so is Direct Impact.


For the past two decades, Direct Impact has been a leader in grassroots communications. From day one, we have been driven by what inspires – and moves – people. That has traditionally centered on establishing person-to-person local communications, which has been the motivating force behind building our nationwide grassroots network that can execute campaigns in any community where our clients seek to have an impact.


Today, that model is evolving.


Make no mistake; the physical, hyper-local nuances of traditional grassroots have not been lost. But it is no secret that communities are no longer confined by a zip code; they are in fact alive and well online – and most of us belong to at least a few. People have always been at the heart of grassroots communications, and now there is more data, better data, available about the behaviors, interests and motivations that drive a person or group to act. We’re not playing an online verses offline game; we are instead embracing the reality that a large percentage of our population exists in both worlds. This is the inspiration for our marriage with Crowdverb.


This is an important and exciting time for Direct Impact. Our acquisition of Crowdverb will improve how we approach grassroots communications and influence how we conduct campaigns from every angle. Direct Impact has been moving in this direction for some time, and we welcome Crowdverb on board to accelerate this momentum so that together we can redefine grassroots for the next 20 years, and beyond.